Maternity & Newborn

What does it take to catch a moment like this? It takes patience. It takes desire. It takes a love for what you do. But most importantly, it takes blessing.

I believe that I am blessed in what I do. I believe I am blessed in the end result of how things turn out. And I honestly do not know why. I do know that I am thankful.

What moment will I catch for you that will make you smile? I don't know. But I can't wait to find out.

First we meet and talk about what you want and what you expect. This helps me to understand your vision. Then we schedule a time and a place. I have portable background equipment suitable for indoor work should a background be needed, but most people prefer the intimate settings of their own home, or outdoor settings like a park. The choice is yours as I will travel anywhere within the OKC area.

Afterwards, allow up to 2 weeks processing time for standard portraits. Once your entire gallery is ready, I will email you to let you know. Just log on, go to "Portraits", and find your gallery.

NOTE: For Special out of town rates, see all the way at the bottom of this page


Session Fee:
 $75 plus tax (Includes the $15 deposit)
This covers up to 2 hours of shooting time anywhere in the OKC Metro Area, unless your desired location requires a fee be paid to shoot there. This gives us plenty of time to get you some great shots that you will love. You will also receive a CD of your images.

THAT'S IT - Once the photos are edited and uploaded to your gallery, you simply log in and select anything from a single print delivered to your home to all inclusive packages. Everyone likes having different options, and you will get plenty of options with your session. Since you'll want to know, we accept cash, checks and credit cards.







Print Pricing:
4X6 - $3.00
5X7 - $5.00
8X10 - $7.00
11X14 - $15.00
16X20 - $30.00
4 wallets - $2.00


We also have mounted canvas options.

Many other sizes are available. Including 5X5, 8X8, 10X10, and 20X20. You will have many options to choose from in your shopping cart.





I have created a special package that is all inclusive. It includes the following:
1 - 8X10 images of your choosing
20 - 5X7 images of your choosing
15 - 4x6 of your choosing
1 - 16x20 of your choosing
1 - CD containing every image in full resolution, with a limited copyright release.
PRICE: $250 plus tax






Watch Me Grow
One Year Baby Plan


1 - Maternity session
1 - Newborn session
1 - 3 month session
1 - 6 OR 9 month session
1 - 1 year session
1 - 8 x 10 of your choice from each session
CD of fully edited, high resolution images from each session
$500.00 plus tax







OUT OF TOWN RATES: (Anything outside the OKC area)
If you are wanting your event recorded outside the Oklahoma City Area, I am available for out of town work. If your location is within driving distance (up to 3 hours away), a mileage charge will be calculated at $0.75 a mile. Both there and back. Mileage is figured from my home to your location.